Friday, October 15

A little something extra...

This past week has found sickness knocking at my door and, dare I say, even entering my house. I've skipped a bunch of work because of it, and Dustin I think is starting to get it now as well.

Classes continue to go well. I did quite well on the last Latin test with a 78 out of 80. We'll see if I can hold that record, there's another test on Monday. Today I have to survive the 1st history test. I'm a little afraid being as there are a ton of old cities and city-states that span about 3000 years that I KNOW I'm not going to remember.

Work, when I've done it, has been good. I have been attempting these past few days to get out of doing a Mac install for a teacher who just "has" to have one. It falls under the range, for me, of "don't know" about them and "don't care" about them. Honestly it seems to me that the University should just say, "If you're a teacher and want to play on our network you've gotta use the machines we give you." Being as my expirence with Macs is a big 0 it had better be as easy as they claim. Else I will simply shrug and let the Mac user handle it.

Tonight is "Much ado about nothing" at Taproot with Lisa and her Sisters. (However I found out late last night that Dustin will also be going tonight as well.)

Breakfast and class call.



  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    If you have any me. -Dan McC.

    Oh...and Macs I don't think are easier, just streamlined...

  2. Well, considering that the SPU Security pack of software's Mac virus protection installer consists almost entirely of a Read Me file amounting roughly to "be careful," you shouldn't have too much trouble!


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