Thursday, November 4

a "day off"...

I will be working from 8 to 5 on Saturday at my "Media Consulting" job here on campus, so I decided to take today off to do the things that I would normally do on Saturday, today. (except sleeping in, I have a class every morning and that doesn't make sleeping in possible)

First it's off to UFDN 3001 (Bible) to listen to Dr. Wall, then I come home, get ready and go to the UW to meet Lisa so she can show me around the Library system for a paper I have to write on Ancient Swords. (The SPU library has some stuff, but I have fellow class-mates who are attempting to get the same books) Following the Library tour I head back home again and have an appointment with my advisor about classes for next quarter!

Then it's the usual litany of reading, copying, and thinking. (read: Homework)

Dustin and I are continueing to decorate our apartment. I think we'll probably get it done about 2 days before I move out.

More later...



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