Monday, January 10

A very merry un-un-birthday to me! To me?

As of the exact moment of this post I am 23 years old. Yep, I've been tripping along this mortal coil now for 23 years. 23 still seems young to me. 25 and even 26 seems like you deffinatly must leave childness behind.

Tonight I went to the King's Players dessert theater. (My Sister co-directed) Following that we family + fiance went to Outback Steak house for dinner. It was a good time and good food. Following THAT we went back to my parents house and Lisa was showed all the baby pictures she had somehow missed in our almost 2 years of dating.

I'm hoping some class gets cancled tomorrow, it'd be quite the birthday treat. Anyway, I've got HW to do.

Tomorrow night, by the by, if you want to stop by the apartment for a little open-house birthday party I'm throwing for myself, by all means, please come by! It'll be starting at 5:30ish and rolling until 10ish. Contact me anyway you can for more details. (Not listed here for privacy reasons)

Goodnight all!


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