Sunday, January 9

A wedding expo and a MURDER!

The promises of snow have come, and yet they do not linger here, but move and stay in warmer clims.

Yesterday (Saturday) found Lisa, Lisa's mom (Nancy), my mother (Jenifer) and Myself at the Seattle Wedding Expo. Going to the expo for certain things is deffinatly a good idea. If Lisa and I had gone in there with no idea of what we wanted then we would have been in trouble! We don't need a photographer, we don't need a location, we don't need a cake, we don't need to plan our honeymoon, and we don't need a wedding dress (maybe I should say SHE doesn't need a wedding dress), etc etc. What we do need is ideas, flowers (which we already have leads on, but not from the wedding expo), caterers (we had someone in mind before the expo, and we found another person AT the expo, so we'll see how that goes down!), Tuxes (which we did find), and a few other assorted items.

We ended up signing with the "Men's Warehouse" for Tuxes and we signed an espresso cart as well for the reception. So let me get the word out now, free coffee at our wedding! We got some good ideas for invitations as well, and I piced up a few brochues for old fashioned limo rentals. ( =) )

Chocolate fountains are all the rage this year it seems. (They had about 5 of them at various caterers booths) (For those that don't know a chocolate fountain is like a fountain version of a fondue pot.)

Following the wedding expo we went back to my apartment where Lisa sorted through a lot of her stuff and I ate lunch. Following that we went back to her place and got dressed up for a Muder Mystery Dinner we had been invited to. (Ian and Katie (of Got Marriage fame) invited us over to Katie's parents house for their annual Murder Mystery dinner. (Ian did it. With the gun, in the kitchen. (But he was really trying to kill me and mistook my identical twin brother as myself! (oops))))

It was good. Now I am off to work on the website for my wedding! I'll post a link as soon as I've got it up!



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