Tuesday, February 1


In what I hope to become a regular feature of this site I hope to turn out a small/ very short story maybe once a week for you all to enjoy. (Assuming if I amass enough of them I can publish a (ha) book.)

So now, without further ado:

It is always today...

"Est semper hodie." Mutters the man under his breath.
"Est…" Stepping over the curb, "…semper…" across the lawn, "hodie!"
Standing now before a large wooden, hand worn door. A crooked number four with only one screw, at the apex, to hold it in place. A glove comes off the man’s hand. "Est semper…" The silent doorbell depressed. Nothing. Silence. "… hodie." Refusing to be greeted by the familiar ‘ding-dong’. A soft wrap of the knuckles upon that sentinel of a door. How many people had wrapped their knuckles here before? "Est…" A soft rattle of a chain on the other side! The man stands up straight and tips his weathered gray fedora back on his head. "…semper…" Slowly the mammoth door opens and a wizened old gray head peers fourth.
She eyes him top to bottom, taking in his hat, his hands (wearing only one glove), his dark coat and pressed slacks. She glares at his shoes. She can see her reflection in the tops, but along the sides the grass had covered them in the lingering late morning dew. The man smiles. "Est semper hodie!" Quietly to himself.
"WHAT!?" said the old woman, "YOU’LL HAVE TO SPEAK UP." The man takes a step back. "I’M A BIT HARD OF HEARING."
The man takes the hat from his head and attempts another smile. "hello…"
"I… I said… I SAID HELLO!"
She just stares at him. Wisps of white hair shifting left, then right in the air. Her eyes, probably once a shocking shade of blue, now very pale. "Like a dried up lake." The man thought to himself, before he remembered…



  1. Ok Ben, I guess I need to remind you that most of us have NOT taken latin, and thus don't know the latin words you are using. Translation would be much appreciated.

  2. Anonymous12:07 AM

    It's not crucial to the story. But the title tells you all you need to know. If you want to know.


  3. Now every time you look back at this story, you'll think "I wrote that while I was taking Latin." And given enough years, who knows? Maybe you'll forget what the Latin even means, but it'll be a nostalgic story.


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