Tuesday, February 1

That rings a bell...

On Sunday Lisa and I went ring hunting. She had a coupon for $50 off anything at Marci Jewelery, so we went to see what they had. We ended up getting me a ring (Titanium!!) that looked pretty cool. I had originally thought a Tungstun ring would be really cool, but they seem to marry Tungstun and Platnum together all the time. So while I found a ring that was INCREDIBLY cool Tungstun/Platnum combination it was also about 1,000 more than we really wanted to pay for a ring. So we went with the Titanium, which is pretty neat. (And unlike other rings in that store was actually worth about the cost of the metal, and not much else... =) )

We saw a wedding band that worked really well with Lisa's ring, only it was about $200 more than I wanted to shell out. The hunt continues for a wedding band for Lisa, but I think I have a couple leads.

Grammar is iffy at best. Latin proceeds at a nice pace, and my Communications class has been a lot of fun and informational.

It's hard to believe that the quarter is half over already. I was looking at classes for next quarter already, wondering what I'll be doing. (Well, Latin is a deffinate...)

Speaking of Latin, I must get back to it!



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