Friday, April 29

The dance continues

Well, phase one of accepting an offer has begun. The people we made an offer to accepted it and then sent some questions our way, then we thought about it and sent some questions their way. Then I assume we'll sign it sometime today. Then we go find ourselves an inspector and inspect the place. Then we get those things fixed (or have them fix them I should say) and then we start moving ourselves in. Very cool. Very one less thing to think about when July rolls around!

2 midterms today. Latin at 11 and Shakespeare at 1:30. (We can bring a page of notes to the Shakespeare midterm, so I put downa bunch of notes and then shrunk the font size down to 5 and got all 5,000 words on one page. (If you shrink it down to 4, you can get almost 10k amount of words on a page! It's pretty tricky to read, but my glasses, when held away from my face act like a magnifying glass, so it's not all that tricky. =) I wish I had had more notes. (I guess at that rate I could have written 3 essays with a lot of proof from the plays with 10k words and then just copied it to the paper.) Ah well...

Anyone up for a game of Flux this weekend? (We need to create an online version of that game so those who enjoy playing on the other side of the country (Fergusons) and those who enjoy playing on this side of the country (Myself and my soon to be Bride (AKA: The almost Morrells)) can play together. (I have a hard time finding people who really enjoy playing that game too much.)



  1. I'll play Fluxx!


  2. I don't mind playing. I don't think I'd play it for hours on end, but it's a good excuse to see you.


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