Saturday, April 30

Harry Potter and the half-blood wedding!?

I wanted to clear up any confusion before it got started. The counter at the bottom of the site is NOT for the newest Harry Potter book, no it is for the wedding of Lisa and I.

To field some more questions: Yes, we will have a checker at the door to make sure you're not bringing the book in with you to read during the ceremony. (This means Bridesmaids as well...)
No, we will not be handing out free copies of the book afterwards.
No, the wedding is not themed "Harry Potter" like some 10 year old's birthday party. (Besides, the church wouldn't allow floating candles in the worship center.)
And last but not least, we set the date of our wedding before J.K. Rowling set the release date for her book. We were first. So, umm, start pre-ordering our wedding gifts now...

Now that we have that cleared up; Lisa and I baby-sat last night for a friend/ ex-teacher of Lisa's. Cute, energetic kids, and I got to see Lisa's kid handling skillz.

I'm going to go see the condo we put an offer on later today. Start the list of things that need fixing. But it does start to look like I'll have a place to live! (Irony is that Lisa is coming to Bellevue for work and she'll be in Seattle, and I'll be going to Seattle for work and living in Bellevue.)

Seeing Douglas Adam's Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy later today. I can't believe it would be a horrible movie. But I'll let you know. Now, off to Bellevue!


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  1. Anonymous2:12 AM


    I had the same fears as you...but alas...the movie was swell!
    I don't think they could have adapted that book any better than they did. Sure some parts were moved around or omitted (Digital watches anyone?) but I am amazed they made something coherant out of a book that largely has no plot. I love the book, I do...but it has a VERY tiny plot. : )

    Whew...long post...

    What did you guys think?

    Dan McCurley


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