Friday, July 29

Not all that glitters is a new blender...

Pots, check. Pans... check. Plates, silverware, ice cream maker, bedding, serving bowls, check, check and check.

Lisa and I have survived our honeymoon and have returned, unharmed, to the other side of marriage. The daily kind where the constant togetherness of the honeymoon is replaced by my co-workers, who are no where as nice to look upon as my new bride, and Lisa and I have to content ourselves with seeing each other in the evening instead of all day. Yes, this, they tell me, is called "Real Life".

"Real Life" aside I am going to give you some updates on what we've been up to. (Free-ish time at work whilest 2 machines copy information around.)

Saturday found us back on this side of the state and we went to Megan Gledhill's wedding. (She is now Megan Melvard. Congrads to the newly married couple, who will soon be expirencing "Real Life" for their very own.) We got some more sun than we would have liked at the wedding (it was out of doors) but the food and everything was pretty good about it.

Sunday came and went as we started to move things around our condo and make it feel less like a "U-Stor it 4 Less" and more like "Home". (This is an ongoing project by the by. Lisa has been doing a great job of it so far and I aim to help out a little more.)

Monday Lisa could barely contain herself most of the day because that night we opened all (maybe I should say **ALL**) the wedding presents. The pile was truely something to behold. Probably more gifts than I have ever been given. Possibly the last 10 Christmas's combined, if not all the Christmass of my life. (NOTE: that might have a pich of Hyperbole in it but, meh, it adds to the flavor.)

At some point this week, I don't remember when (Sunday maybe?) we bought me a computer desk. I just need to finish up the room it will go in and I can put it all together and then take down the folding tables!

Wednesday we decided to go to Macy's and use a gift card that we were given. We picked up a few kitchen items and left. However before we got in the car and drove out of Bell Square Mall, we stopped by Crate and Barrell. Much to my surprise we ended up getting a table and 6 chairs before we left. They will look really good in the house. (Expect to see those on the 10th of August)

Thursday we hit the Bellevue farmer's market and saw what all the farmers of Bellevue had to offer. (A lot of stuff, but few of them were from Bellevue...)

And tonight Lisa is chill'n with some of her lady friends and I am staying home and doing some cleaning and watching Stargate SG1 and Firefly.

Oops... Time to go! Have a good weekend everyone! More details as they come!


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