Sunday, January 1

Comics and the influence of Pop culture

I've just read over my archives from this past year and I want to apologise for being as boring as I was as often as I was. I'm going to try to not post about the same thing 45 times in a row. (Getting married/ wedding plans)

I picked up the book boxes I had at my parents house yesterday. 9 boxes of books, comic books, and CD cases. Of the 5 or so boxes I have gone through I have two boxes of books I will be selling/ giving away, another box headed for the recycling bin, and then four stacks of books as high as my knees that I intend on keeping. I've also been going through my comics and adding them to an online database where it tells me how much they are worth, etc. I'm halfway through my collection at 260 some odd comics and I've noticed some things:
1. Comic charcters in the 80's and early 90's were very much influenced by rockers of the time period. Simply glancing at the cover of something like the "New Mutants" or "X-Force" will make you wonder if you're looking at a poster for a hairband or some sort of groupie convention. My goal is to sell these things off. I'll end up getting some of them graded and hopefully making some more money on them. I have one comic that could possibly fetch me 1000 bucks or more.

Back to the sorting!



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