Tuesday, January 10

Happy Birthday!

(I was thinking of Frosty when I wrote the subject (if you get that))

Well, here I am, 24... the back doesn't hurt as much, it's still raining (YAY!!), and I still have class like I normally would. I guess the world doesn't heave and split asunder when one reaches the age of 24.

Today holds watching "North by Northwest" in my Film class, reading my Art History book, going to Art History, and then ducking out a little bit early to go to a surprise location for dinner. (IE: I don't know where we're going. Mom, Dad, and Lisa have a pretty good idea though.)



  1. Happy Birthday! Shoot.. Now I'm just repeating the subject. You're tricky, Ben.

  2. Ha, I do get the frosty line, and any self-respecting 20-something should as well. : )

    How was N by NW? Hopefully the class doesn't totally kill the movie. I'd be interested to hear how you're treating Hitchcock stuff...


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