Saturday, January 21

Margery doesn't live here...

Last time I checked it was just Lisa and myself living here in the condo. However someone gave a guy Lisa's phone number and said it was some by the name of Margery's phone number. After Lisa told him that it wasn't Margery's number he proceeded to call another 5 or so times asking for Margery. Finally, what we hope is the last time, I picked up the phone and told the guy in no uncertain terms that there is no one here by that name and he has the wrong number and to stop calling. We'll see if that works. Lesson learned here: Make sure you know your own phone number or if giving out a fake phone number at a bar don't give out Lisa's number.

In other news Ryan gave me a thinkgeek gift cert for my birthday so I ended up getting a game. Pirates of the Spanish Main. Seems like it'll be interesting and fun, and even slightly historical. (Plus when I'm not playing I can have the little boats sitting on my desk, which would just be cool.)

I'm also thinking about redesigning my site, kind of a "Spring Cleaning" type thing. I've found a design idea I like, but it's a bit heavy on the Gothic style, so I will be modifying it and posting it. I will also be putting up the wedding pictures at the same time, so hopefully that will happen this next week.

Lisa and I also got reservation for the Spirit of Washington Dinner train (but we're doing lunch) for next Saturday. Brought to us by a generous donation from Lisa's folks and grandparents. (As a Christmas gift)

It's back to the books for me now.



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