Wednesday, December 27

Dueling headaches... and will no one take this?

Someone, somewhere MUST want a slightly used crazy cool computer and be willing to pay about 2k for it. Or not... who knows. Maybe they will find me. Or maybe I'll keep dropping the price. If you happen to want to buy my "new" computer please let me know. It's "shiny"!

Last night Lisa and I both had migraine level headaches and pained through the night. She however had hers this morning and mine had left for other parts of the world. I don't approve of headaches.

In other news I opened the door to go to my truck to go to work and discovered the ground covered with snow. That's it for now... I'm heading home.


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  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I *might* be interested... I'm looking to get a new computer, though I haven't yet decided how new I'm going. Feel free to send me the specs or something.
    I'm also glad you finally got your power back! I'm afraid I really can't begin to comprehend how that must have been.


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