Monday, December 25

And now... A Morrell Family Christmas

Yesterday as we were celebrating Christmas eve with my parents the power came back on! Lisa and I were very happy to come home to a warm and lighted house! In all we survived 9 and a half, almost 10 days without power at the condo. I ended up calling the power company 6 times on Saturday in an effort to generate "buzz" about our situation. (In all they received over 200 phone calls on Saturday from our condo area!)

But we're back in our own house now and we celebrated Christmas together this morning in the light. About the only real "casualty" that we suffered was loosing everything in the refrigerator. (And the smell that Lisa is trying to remove from it as well) Lisa and I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone to opened their home to us, offered us food, or simply offered a place to take a hot shower. (Weather we took you up on it or not) We both felt very loved over these past few days with everyones generosity.

Merry Christmas everyone! Don't forget about the 'Tween party on Friday! Email me if you somehow missed the invite! (ben dot morrell at g mail dot com)



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