Monday, March 5


I'm sure everyone has gotten one of these types of emails: Someone emailing saying that someone they know has died and left millions in an account that they have access to but they need your help to get the funds out of the country. This is known as a Nigeria 419 scam. Well recently a group of people got together to make such emails illegal in the US. They call themselves the Consumers Against Nigeria. They have called for a boycott of Nigerian trade and foreign funding in the hopes that the local government will come down hard on the scammers and eliminate the threat to honest people who want millions of dollars without any kind of work. With the success of the "Can SPAM" act in congress the group is hopeful that they can make this type of email illegal and go after the country in which it finds it's origins. However a lot of people think this manner of thinking is a little heavy handed. To stop the Consumers Against Nigeria from blocking aid to Nigeria a bill has been introduced into the congress to stop the consumer group.
You can look up details of this bill by it's name: The Can Can Act.


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  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Long way to go for a joke?
    Was it worth it? Yes.



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