Thursday, May 31

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My appetite has mainly come back. The down side to the chemicals and everything is that while I can now eat as much as I want I cannot tell when I am full, or when I am hungry. I can't tell after eating if I should eat more, or if I've had too much.

So Praise God that my throat healed up properly and eating isn't an issue anymore. As long as I keep to 3 meals a day I think I'm ok. That way I can tell about when I should eat and what not.

Looks like I'll be heading back to Virginia Mason next week for chemo. Looks like Group Health is working out a deal with Overlake to be their Eastside hospital but that is looking at sometime in the next couple of years. Right now all Group Health people go to Virginia Mason for "inpatient" activities. Thus I'll be over in Seattle most of the next week. Please continue to pray for me during that process. I'm really not looking forward to having my insides turned to mush again. Please pray that I will have a good attitude and that I will reflect God's glory to the nurses.

Monday as well I am getting a port-cath put in. I am hoping that isn't a very painful process, but it should make blood drawing, chemos, and IVs much easier from here on out.

Lisa and I are bound for Whidbye island this weekend. To spend some time at her folks place just spending some time away before I hit the hospital circut again.

Thank you all for your prayers. I don't know that this would be as possible if I didn't have all of your support. Keep on praying!



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