Friday, June 1

Doctor's visit and an Island

This morning I met with my cancer doctor and we talked about what they are going to do next time to keep the sickness levels down. He said though that on top of everything that I am on a very heavy chemo treatment and being sick could very well just be part of the treatment. (I'm in a 72 hour straight chemo, most stuff I've seen documented says that chemo treatments are a couple of hours. A "day trip" to the hospital type thing.)

I'll be going in Monday morning to get my "port-cath" put in and then they will actually move me right into Virginia Mason to start the chemo. So I should be wrapping up Thursday night or Friday morning sometime. The doctor was fairly pleased about how quickly my white blood cell count bounced back though. I take that as a good sign.

It was really hard seeing the doctor this morning as the last time I saw him he laid all sorts of bad news on me. I couldn't help but think he was going to hit me with something else this time. Not the case however. Please keep praying that the chemo will be effective in my body and God will work a miracle in me.

Lisa and I left after the doctor's apointment and drove up to Whidbye island. (We'll be here for the weekend getting some away time before the hospital and chemo starts up again.) The ferry had run into the dock in Mukilteo this morning so the ferry was closed. Lisa and I chose to drive all the way up and around up north instead. It was a beautiful day for a drive however so other than some lost time we didn't really miss anything.

Thank you again for all your prayers and offers of support. Lisa and I are working through emails and everything else as we can. Thank you again so very much!


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  1. It's a beautiful weekend to escape the city and be refreshed. We're praying for you both, and know that he will continue to show His great love and power in your lives. Scott N.


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