Monday, May 7

Follow Up

Friday and Saturday I was pretty pain free. I felt like I had done a bit more sit-ups than were maybe healthy, but no sharp pain. On Sunday however my lower right side of my back started to hurt and it got up to a 6 on the "pain scale". When Lisa and I got home from church I took one of the morphine pills that they suggested I take and heated up a little hot pad thing and laid on that for the rest of the evening.

Beth (my sister) came over and hung out with us (She's having her wisdom teeth out on Tuesday) for most of the evening as well.

Today I'm in a lot less pain and I am writing this from work. I'm a little light headed but I'm hoping some food and water will fix that. (No drugs for me today) I called the doctor's office this morning to see about scheduling a phone appointment with the cancer specialist. May 21st is the next available time slot he has. Looks like I'll just have to wait until he has a free moment in the next 2 days to get my results back to me.

Oh, one more thing: I got some more lab results back this morning and my white-blood cell count has come back into the "normal" range from where it was 2-3 weeks ago when I last had blood drawn and it was a little high. Now it's within a normal range. I should be finding out what it is either tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the support.



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