Thursday, May 24

Overly familiar with the E-room

Well, Ben hasn't been posting lately because he's too sick. Yesterday we had to take a trip to the emergency room for a few hours, and came back with Ben still feeling awful, but with more drugs to take. Today his mom stayed with him at home, and he ended up needing to go to the emergency room again-- he couldn't take any of the antibiotics they gave us. He's going to be spending the night at Overlake Hospital. The danger is that his white blood cell count is so low that he won't be able to fight off infections and sickness.
I think we're both discouraged and definitely at a loss for what to do. This is only a few days after the first round of chemo, for goodness sakes! We can only pray that this is the low point, and remember that although we are completely out of control, God is in control! In fact, I guess we've always been completely out of control our whole lives, it just doesn't feel like it a lot. Me not being able to help Ben right now just "brings that home."


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  1. Ben and Lisa, I just heard what has been happening today... I am dumbfounded and blown away. I am joining the chorus of prayers for you both and your family as we all seek the Lord together. We are praying for you and will get our church up here in Bellingham praying as well.I have put you on our rss subscribe thing so we will be checking the blog and praying with you daily. May this verse from Psalm 10:17 encourage you, "You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry..."

    God go before you and behind you and with you,
    Steve and Stephanie Allen


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