Sunday, May 13

Prayer Meeting last night

Last night Lisa and I invited a bunch of people over to her parents house (it was kind of an "all call" via email) to pray with me/ for me. I didn't get a final count of how many people were there but it was up into the 30's. Friends and family and friends of family that I didn't really know. There was prayer, there was singing, and there were bible verses read. I felt the peace of God descend on me in a wonderful way. I was able to sleep very well last night. (Without any kind of medication) Thanks to everyone who came, thanks to everyone who has prayed, and thanks for your continued prayers. Do not stop asking the Lord to heal me. While I might have to go through the fires to reach the other side God will be faithful.

Last night a former pastor of Lisa and myself (the guy who married us) wrote me an email and sent me a link to an article that I read last night. While it mainly applies to people that have cancer I would like to share it because I think it gives a little bit of insight as to what I hope God will be doing through me during this time. (And hopefully provide me with an amazing story out the other side.) The article is written by John Piper.

Please don't stop praying that God will heal me. Please pray for strength (mentally, physically, spiritually) for myself and Lisa and well as our families. Every morning no matter how great everything was the night before there is a bit of a step backwards each morning. I don't know what happens overnight but also prayer for protection for me while I sleep.

Thank you all so much for your support. God will do something amazing here!


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  1. Hi Ben

    You don't know me, but after reading what you are going through . . I am sure I was meant to find you. You see I know and understand Desmoplastic small round cell tumor. My 19 year old son also has this disease and has been fighting it for two years. There is a community of DSRCT patients and if you ever need support or information than please do not hesitate to visit us. We are online and I will leave several sites for you to visit. Only when you are ready, of course. We so totally understand exactly how confused and upset you are right now.

    Peace and strength to you.

    Patty Robertson
    Mom to Nathan dx 3/05 stage IV DSRCT


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