Thursday, May 3


I wanted to thank everyone for their support this past day or so. I felt I needed to put this comment on the front page of my blog so that I would see it and read it more often than in my email.

"Thanks for sharing. What we do at the Seidler family is this: like when our doctor called us at 9:30 pm on a Sunday and we found out Pat needed immediate brain surgery we do what we always do…we turn to God first and then we go out and celebrate. The Bible encourages us to rejoice in all things except sin. So between Pat, Joey and Michael we’ve had plenty opportunities to celebrate. We never claim victory, we do rest and trust that God knows best and His best is always good enough for us. In Ephesians it states that he has already blessed us with every spiritual blessing so we can never improve on that by good living and thus earning additional blessings. The celebrating part seems to set the tone for what’s up ahead. Rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice.


Thanks again.



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