Thursday, May 3

Abnormal Abdominal

I spent about 6 hours yesterday in the lower recesses of the Primary Eastside Care Clinic while I had a number of tests run on me. Some of you have been aware than a week and a half ago I was having some strange pains in my abdominal region and spent a couple of days at the doctor's office waiting for blood work, etc. They scheduled an abdominal ultrasound a week and a half ago and yesterday was that day.

I got the the place about 7:30am and by 8:30am I had had the ultrasound and the Doctor had looked at them and said he wanted to do a CT (cat?) scan. Insert a couple hours of waiting and drinking strange materials and an IV and some radioactive compound and they sent me home.

Last evening about 6 I got a call from the doctor and he said that the CT scans showed that I had some abdominal abnormalities and the next step is to do some surgery so that the doctors can look at the several abnormal growths I have.

I'm not going to lie to you, I'm scared about what this could be. Please pray for me. Pray for Lisa as she goes through this with me.



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