Wednesday, June 20


Last night one of Lisa's sister's came over for a bit. I haven't really SEEN anyone else but Lisa since Sunday night. I was kind of surprised by how much I enjoyed the interaction. (It really wore me out however) I think sometimes either when I'm seeing lots of people or not seeing many people at all, I tend to forget that I really cherish seeing people. When I'm lying on the couch all day doing things by myself I tend to forget how much I enjoy having people around.

In other news Lisa and I are hitting up "The Island" again this weekend, hopefully with my folks as well. This should be another relaxing weekend before a week of more tests and doctor's appointments.

Tongue wise it feels slightly better today. Thank you for your prayers. I am hoping that solid foods are soon to be in my future.

Again, and as always continue to pray for my healing. I have a CT scan on Monday afternoon, and a Doctor's appointment on Tuesday morning. At that point we'll decide when I'll be admitted more round 3 of chemo. Also remember if you want to visit me please don't hesitate to contact me about times!



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