Sunday, June 10

Shots, strength and service

Shots continue to go well. It's really strange how much they vary from time to time pain wise. Sometimes they hurt like CRAZY when I get the initial injection and they they don't hurt anymore. Other times they sting a bit and then proceed to have a burning sensation for the next hour or so. It doesn't seem to matter who is giving the shot it's just different place the shot is put and/ or how I'm feeling I guess. Kind of strange, but good to be getting this shot that is supposed to keep my white blood cell count up.

In other news/ prayer request area the wonderful nurse who gave me the shot this morning looked in my mouth and said it looks like I might be getting a bit of an infection in there. I got something like that last time (while I was in Overlake) and it made it difficult to swallow. She said that they have a mouth rinse they should be able to prescribe that should keep that down. That would be nice being as eating these past couple of days really seems to have given me a lot of extra strength I didn't have last time. So pray that this mouth stuff will go away and that the rinse will work and that the strength God has blessed with with these past couple of days will continue.

I'm going to make an attempt at getting to church this morning. Hopefully that will go well. I really miss the worship. (Sermons can all be heard online, but they don't record the worship services)

Thanks for ALL the prayers and support.


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  1. Man, Debbie and Lori are really stocking up on golden crowns in heaven, huh??? Ladies, if you read this, thank you so much for the volunteer service you're offering Ben! What a wonderful gift!!!



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