Monday, June 11

An AM Prayer request

God has blessed me with all sorts of people in my life this week, from nurses and mother's in-laws, to friends who are completely available 24/7 to be there where you need them.

However there are some things that only God can tackle and thus I approach you my readers to approach God's throne of grace and beesech Him on my behalf for some things. First, as always, there is the request to heal my body of this cancer. That in a couple of weeks when they do the CT scan that things will be looking good and that this chemo hasn't been for nothing. Second, this week as my white blood cell count drops my body starts to do all sorts of strange things. (Getting up every 30-2 hours for the bathroom (24/7 (hard to sleep))) I would appreciate prayer that God would give me, or the doctor knowledge about how to smooth out some of the stuff I'll be going through this week. (Or that God would just put His wonderful healing hand on me and guide me through it.)

Finally I would like to have you pray that I utilize my "free time" well. I have a lot of "extra" time and I would LIKE to be reading or something, but reading will either put me to sleep (which I do need sometimes) or make me queezy (which I never need). Watching TV is often a "last resort" that I would rather not engage in (so much horrible material), however I have become a bigger Mariners fan since getting sick and actually taking the time to watch the baseball games and learn a bit about the sport. (Who would have thought) As for other activities I have mixed feelings about movies, kind of like TV, are they worthwhile? I always feel like I could be doing something just a little better with my time. Video games are slightly higher on the list of things to do. I can get in reading, a bit of a story, and there is a level of interactivity there that keeps me awake. Just above that on the "stuff to do" list is browsing the internet. The problem with this however being as it requires reading from my laptop which often sits a top my abdomin as I lay on the couch which leads to problems from prayer request number 2 up there.

Those are my prayer requests, please bring them before God and if you have any suggests feel free to email me.

Many thanks!



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