Tuesday, June 5

Where the nurse knows your name

Today was a very typical first day of chemo. This past weekend I was able to purchase an MP3 player that allows me to listen to and download unlimited amounts of music from Rhapsody. I was able to make use of this this morning as I laid in bed for a couple hours listening to some of the music I had queued up. It's a great comfort to have access to worship songs when I want them, without having to rely on the radio. Any worship song suggestions can be left in the comments.

The catheter in my chest continues to be slightly strange. Last night I mentioned to one of the doctors that it was a little sore (like a "2" or "3" on the pain scale) and the doctor instantly wanted to know if I wanted any Vikadin. I thought that was a little heavy-handed, so I declined. But I was informed that when you're on the 15th floor-- the cancer ward-- that you have access to almost whatever drugs you want. I'm sure if I was more into swallowing pills, this would excite me. As it is, the thought of having to swallow more pills for just slight pain seems ridiculous.

Daytime television. What can I say? So many channels, so little to watch. So I prettymuch give up watching. I do a lap every couple hours, see if I'm missing anything, and keep going. I have, however, been taking in the Mariner's games. It's kinda a newfound sickness/hobby. And I hope as soon as I'm well enough, to get to at least one game.

I thank everyone who prayed for me yesterday with the surgery and who continues to pray for me this week as I continue to undergo chemo. Please pray that the side-effects will be less than last time, and that Lisa can get some sleep, and that the chemo is effective in my body. Thank you again for your prayers.



  1. Aaron Shust is money. His whole album. Also, Passion i think it is called So Far(the compiliation c.d.) TOmlin's new one is great - see the sunrise. And, I really like Phil Wickam. Some of the songs grate me a bit, but GRACE is amazing... Here is a list of all the songs at a recent hip young conference... You can check these songs out if you haven't heard them...Saturday PM

    Amazing Grace (Tree63 arrangement)
    The Glories of Calvary (Steve and Vikki Cook, from Sovereign Grace Ministries Songs for the Cross-Centered Life)
    All Because of Jesus (Steve Fee, from Burn for You)
    Grace Unmeasured (Bob Kauflin, from Sovereign Grace Ministries Worship God Live)
    Here Is Love (hymn by Robert Lowry and William Edwards, from Passion's Hymns: Ancient and Modern)
    I Love You Lord (Laurie Klein, verse 2 by John Piper, reprinted in comments below)

    Sunday AM

    All Because of Jesus
    Great is the Lord (Tim Neufeld, Ed Cash, Doug McKelvey, from Starfield's Beauty in the Broken)
    Blessed Be Your Name (Matt Redman, from Where Angels Fear to Tread)
    What A Savior (verses by Phillip Bliss music and chorus by Devon Kauflin)
    Jesus Paid It All (arranged with add’l refrain by Kristian Standfill, from Passion 06: How Great Is Our God)

    Sunday Afternoon

    Come Thou Fount (hymn)
    Unashamed (Starfied, verses 2 & 3, from Beauty in the Broken)

    Sunday Night

    Come and Listen (David Crowder Band, from the album A Collision)
    Great is the Lord
    It Was Your Grace (Mark Altrogge, Sovereign Grace Music, orig. version on Sovereign Grace Ministries Valley of Vision, remix on Asleep in A Storm)
    Only Jesus (Doug Plank, from Valley of Vision)
    When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (Isaac Watts, from Kathryn Scott's Satisfy)

    Surrender All (Rich Dalmas, Sovereign Grace Music, from Worship God Live)

    Monday Morning

    It Was Your Grace
    Let Your Kingdom Come (Bob Kauflin, from Valley of Vision)
    What A Savior
    How Beautiful the Blood
    O Great God (Sovereign Grace Music, from Valley of Vision)
    In Christ Alone (Keith Getty and Stuart Townend)

    Monday Afternoon

    God Over All (Devon Kauflin, Sovereign Grace Ministries Overflow 4)
    How Deep the Father’s Love For Us (Stuart Townend)

    God Over All
    Amazing Grace (a cappella)

    Monday Night

    Praise to the Lord (From Passion's Hymns: Ancient and Modern)
    Great is the Lord
    Holy Holy Holy (Words by Reginald Heber, 1826; music by John Dykes, 1861)
    His Forever (Pat Sczebel, from Worship God Live)

    Come Thou Fount
    Grace Unmeasured

    Tuesday Morning

    It Was Your Grace
    All Because of Jesus
    Hallelujah, What a Savior
    Let Your Kingdom Come

    Jesus Paid it All (Words by Elvina Hall, music by John Grape, add'l bridge by Kristian Stanfill, from Passion's Everything Glorious)

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  2. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Hi Ben and Lisa,

    We pray for you numerous times every day. We love you!

    Kyle, Melody (Gary's cousin), Caitlyn and William Fonda


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