Sunday, July 15

5 counties, 8 hours, 1 car

Soooo, getting home from Whidbey Island this time round was a bit more tricky than in the past. Lisa and I wanted to celebrate our 2nd anniversary at one of our favorite places to eat, the Silverwater Cafe, in Port Townsend. This is a fairly short ferry ride from where we tend to stay on the island so we figured this wouldn't be a big deal.

We left the house at 1pm. We got on a 3:45pm ferry for Port Townsend. We got to Townsend at 4:15pm. We had dinner, then headed out. As we were heading towards the Keystone ferry we saw a notice that said Keystone had a 2 hour waiting line to get in the waiting line. At this point it was almost 6pm and we didn't feel like waiting 2 hours for the pleasure of waiting to get on the ferry. Thus I called my father and we made a course correction to Bremerton where we caught the 7:55pm ferry to Seattle. We arrived in Seattle at 9:00pm and figuring all was fine we headed home, only to realize, a little too late, that the 520 bridge was closed and we'd have to go the long way around. So here it is just after 10 and we've just gotten home.

We drove through 5 counties today. Other than our trip home I would say we had a fantastic weekend and I hope that our actual anniversary tomorrow is nice as well.

Thanks for all the support recently, as always feel more than free to send me emails, I really enjoy reading them and I will attempt to respond to them as hospital visits warrant.

Also an FYI to anyone that has facebook. I've rejoined in an effort to keep in contact with some people that I never see/ hear from so if you happen to have facebook feel free to enter in my email address (the 64bprophet at gmail one) and add me as a friend.

More tomorrow!


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  1. BREMERTON! Well shoot! Next time you take THAT'll have to stop by our house. You passed it on the way to the ferry (ok maybe the street to turn off to our house). Yes, we're quite too familiar with ferry delays and bridge closures and what not. :-) My question is this: How long did you have to WAIT for the BREMERTON ferry?


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