Friday, July 13

Sometimes rough

Lisa and I are heading out to the the island this weekend for a brief little respite again. Our solid plans are to see a movie and then on Sunday go over to Port Townsend to visit one of our favorite restaurants as a celebration of our 2 year anniversary, which is on Monday.

It's really strange having lost a week this, errr, past week, what with being in the hospital and all. Home time and hospital time seem like two drastically different things. Now that I'm home it's a little strange to think it's almost been 2 weeks since I last finished chemo vs the 1 it feels like.

I am continuing to try and sell the truck. I listed it last night on Craigslist (which if you know me is a big step for me) and have since had a few bites, but we'll see.

I don't know if it's true or not but I have to level with you, I feel like I'm seeing fewer people than I used to. All the payer support is wonderful and I continue to hear from people I've never met or see a lot, but I feel like fewer people are coming over than used to. Once again I don't know if that is just the way I feel or if it's true, but I need to let you all know that your physical presence is pretty important to me. If even for a short period of time I really cherish seeing you. Please if you have some free time and are interested please don't hesitate to ask about coming over and seeing me. I'm not very lively but even sitting on the couch and watching a movie with me would be fine.

That said I want to thank everyone FOR the support I have gotten. It's all been incredible to me the outpouring of support.

A slight change in plans in regards to chemo. Looks like on Monday I'm just getting blood work done and then on Tuesday I have a Dr's apt. I might start Tuesday, I'm not sure. I guess a lot of it depends on the blood.

My aunt, my Mom's sister, has been up in town the past couple of weeks helping my mom with wedding stuff. She left today but my mom, grandmother and her all stopped by on the way out. It's kind of funny how much family that one doesn't see very often can e so very similar to ourselves. It was a lot of fun seeing her and the kind of contrast she creates to my mom.

I've been kind of emotional as of late, I could use some prayer for strength. I was having a hard time with "normalcy" the other day. It's really hard not being able to plan something very far in advance. I miss working a lot and I'm not sure really what to do with myself some days. I wish I could help out Lisa with some tasks but I don't have the energy for it, or to even be able to bring in some type of income would be good. Anyway, the lack of that has me kind of shaken as of late, I could use some prayer there.




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