Wednesday, July 18

The break continues...

My blood work came back and my platelets are only up 10 points from where they were on Monday. (They needed to be up 50 points) The doctor and I decided that we'd do blood work again on Friday and he'd contact me again Friday night. It would thus appear that I won't be starting chemo until at least Monday then.

Who knew I'd be getting a week off? Anyway, the hope to sell the truck continues and maybe if we can do that this week we could get the new car soon. (Get it out of the way)

Speaking of cars I found myself wondering if a hybrid vehicle would be better in the long run than a normal car. Well, Lisa and I ran some numbers and came up with the fact that at the way we currently drive it would take 14 years to pay off the difference (in gas savings) between a hybrid car and a normal one. I don't know that we would keep a car that long, especially a hybrid one. (where the technology changes every couple of years anyway)

Anyway, to respond to a comment from earlier, the posted email addresses, both here in the blog and on the side there are accurate. (the gmail ones) I haven't given out my analogcafe email address, which is the server I was referring to in my previous post. If you think I've missed an email you can always resend it. The times in the hospital Lisa has checked my mail and sometimes a mail gets marked as read and I don't get to it/ see it when I get back. Resend if I don't reply.

Thanks for the support, round 4 next week?



  1. You may have already included this in your calculations, and I am by no means pushing buying a hybrid (I just bought a gas eating V6 Camry myself) but there is also the Tax Credit incentive that reduces the cost of owning a hybrid. Usually around $2,000 worth of tax credit.

    - Still praying!

  2. Hi Ben,

    Couldn't resist chiming in on the hybrid thing...a couple of other factors, 1 positive, one negative. The positive is that "plug in" hybrids can do substantially better in gas mileage. The negative is that hybrid batteries have to be replaced at some point and that can be expensive and should also be factored into the cost calculation. There's a discussoin about the ins and outs of this at URL

    Hope you're having fun car shopping! We're keeping you in our prayers.



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