Friday, July 20

Plain Yogurt

Lisa and I don't do a lot of what one might consider "health food", so when a 32oz container of plain, fat free, yogurt landed in our refrigerator we really had no idea what one was supposed to DO with plain, unflavored, yogurt. So, we made it our mission to find out what one DOES with plain, flavorless, yogurt.

The answer, we found, was to throw a small dinner party in which every dish somehow contained the plain yogurt. The dinner was attended by Lisa's sister Katie and her boyfriend, Nate, as well as my good friend Ryan. (and of course Lisa and I)

The dinner consisted of the following: We had BBQ Chicken which had been marinated ala "Tandoori" style (We used boneless chicken breasts because they are easier to eat). We had two sides to go with that as well: Pastenik Potatoes and Maast-o Khiar. (Which is a Persian cucumber and yogurt type dip, we had it on pita bread.)

Everyone said they enjoyed the food and everyone ate everything, so I am assuming they liked it. I enjoyed it. The flavors were a touch "exotic" but it was a lot of fun to be making food again. That at least is a blessing from this week. I as able to make the Maast-o Khiar and BBQ the chicken outside. Lisa and I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, which we would normally do a lot during the summer, so it was very nice to get a chance to do that for the first time this summer.

After dinner 3 more friends came over and we had dessert and sat around talking for a couple of hours. It was a good evening and it was good to be able to hang out with some friends when I had the energy to entertain.

Praise for my week off before the next round of chemo. I haven't gotten anything back yet for the blood work this morning, but at this point admission to Virginia Mason will probably happen on Monday morning. (assuming they don't need to wait for anything else) Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

Prayer for this next round that it would be lighter than the past 3, for our car situation: the truck probably has a buyer, but he won't be able to look at it until next week, and I was told not to hold it for him if someone else wants to see/ buy it, so I am continuing to show the truck to people who want to see it. (Some people are funny, I'll have to do a post on the truck selling experience sometime) Prayer for buying a new car as well: God has blessed me with some friends who are quite handy at the car dealership and they will be helping us out in that department. And continued prayer for strength for both Lisa and I as we face new challenges each and every day with this chemo. (It's really hard to plan anything for more than a day out when we're never sure what will be happening with me.)

Thanks everyone for the support!


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  1. To Ben's faithful readers,

    Today I called the Puget Sound Blood Center to find out about giving blood and platelets. I was hoping that what I could give would be able to go to Ben, but that's not the way they work. I did find out, though, that it takes about 30 minutes to give blood. Platelets take longer--45 min to 2 hours. That is quite a commitment, but it is so very important!!! I think I'll schedule a time to give next Friday.

    So, if you're over 110 pounds, haven't traveled to any countries that are known for having maleria, or don't have hepatitis, you're a candidate!! (Just make sure you don't take aspirin 24 hours before giving.)

    And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

    Mama J


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