Monday, July 23

Top 10

Home infusion services doesn't open until 8, so I can't call them and make an appointment to have blood drawn until then. So, until that time I have devised a list for you all to enjoy.

The Top 10 things to do, while on Chemo, in the hospital:
10. Hit the "call nurse" button to time their reaction. Repeat numerous times for an average.
9. TV: Try and avoid Talk shows, Judge shows and commercials during daytime TV.
8. Listen to MP3 player: Just don't get jumpy when the nurse you called (see 10) a second ago sneaks up on you while you are "rocking out".
7. Nintendo DS Lite: Even though you can play with other people within a good 30 foot radius who also have a DS there is no one close to my age in the ward and thus makes for a solo gaming experience. (Something tells me Children's Hospital might be more "fun".)
6. Hum little songs to myself.
5. Watch DVDs: Since daytime TV is simply a joke it's time to pull out the DVD player and watch something. Odds are good I'll be asleep in 45 minutes to an hour anyway.
4. Check email from my cell phone: I can read it, but replying is limited to my cell phone numeric keypad. But then again what else is there to do?
3. Reading: Assuming I'm not feeling nauseous I'll feel free to read. Doesn't matter what because I'll most likely be asleep in 10 to 30 minutes from reading.
2. Count the little holes in the stuff on the ceiling.
1. Accept visitors/ phone calls: Easily the best way to burn time in the hospital. Doing any of the above with visitors or just talking is the best way to pass the time. Of course I've had a few instances where someone walks into my room and then says, "Oops, wrong room." So I guess this only applies to visitors I know. (Or who choose to stay long enough for me to say anything.)

Ok, it's almost 8 now, so it's off to get the phone.

Thanks again for the support.



  1. You might consider getting a wireless laptop computer to help pass the time. At my son's hospital he even has free Internet access . . but you will need to ask about it . . maybe beg.

    Patty R
    Mom to Nate dx 3/05, DSRCT

  2. I recommend Harry Potter. Seven books now! That is, if you haven't read them already. :D

    -Jessie O.


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