Sunday, August 12

Aaand we're back!

On Friday I ended up going to work in the morning and working for a few hours, then going to my Dr's Apt. where I waited 50 minutes to see the doctor beyond my appointment time. (Oh well, that's what you get when they "squeeze you in at the last moment".) Word is we'll try and see what my blood work looks like in the AM on Monday and see if I am "chemo ready".

I really, honestly, am to a point where I have never wanted to go back to chemo any less than I do now. I feel good, quite good and I feel like I am getting better, stronger again. But then tomorrow, probably, I will go into the hospital where they will hook me up to a machine and start pumping drugs into me. Instead of going out and about during the day I'll be laying in a small room feeling progressively worse. It's just kind of discouraging to only be feeling sick because of the "medicine" they give you. The ENCOURAGING thing about all of this though is when I sit down and really think about it that God has a plan for me. I don't know what that plan is, or what life after (Lord willing) cancer will look like, but there is a plan. That's about the only thing I've got to hold onto right now.

IN other news my mom found a place that is doing research on DSCRT cancer and sent off to them for information. Looks like they have a way we can send them a sample of the tumor so they can do research on it. I found out on Friday that the sample from my biopsy is still in "storage" somewhere and I can get a sample of that sent out so I don't need to wait until surgery (October!?) for that. I'll see if I can't find the website for the place that is doing the research should anyone be interested in looking into that more.

Prayer requests for this week: Not to get discouraged by my treatment, that I would use my time wisely in the hospital and that I would avoid the migraines I got last time. (And of course tht God would continue to heal my body!)

Thank you all very much for your support!


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  1. The foundation is called The Stehlin Foundation for Cancer Research:

    The research portion for DSRCT was established by Patrick Scranton:

    Hope this info was helpful to you.

    Patty R
    Mom to Nate dx 3/05 DSRCT


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