Thursday, August 2


I went to the hospital today to get blood drawn, heard back from my nurse a couple hours later and my counts were all so low they wanted to get my red blood cells and platelets, so I went back to the hospital to get matched for a blood type, then back home to sit for a bit, then BACK to the hospital to get the infusion.

Just in case anyone was wondering I am a light weight when it comes to meds. They gave me a dosage 25mg of Benadrill in my central line, it made my head spin for a good couple of hours. I have no problem being a light weight, I just need to remember that before they do things like inject me with meds.

Anyway, I spent a couple hours in the hospital and I'm back home now. I don't feel sick nor like I am getting sick, so I am hoping that I can survive this round of chemo without a return trip to the hospital! (Would it be worth the migraine... probably not)

Thanks for the support and feedback the past few days. BTW: Honda owenership has been nice, it's a very nice car!


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  1. Won't be done until 3 or 4am...ha, should've asked God first before making the estimate! :) He likes you, Ben.


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