Friday, August 3

The Tell Tale Heart?

I got the infusion yesterday, everything seemed to be going well and I was done in a decent amount of time. When we left at 10:30pm however it felt like I had been swimming too much and too long. Thinking it was because I was bed-bound for a couple hours I proceeded on home. 2 hours later my chest was STILL feeling like I had done some sort of deca-thon or mara-thon, so I called the consoluting nurse hot line and she said to go to the ER. Thus we spent 3 hours last night in the ER while they looked me over. The final consensus was that they would give me pain killers and in the morning if I still felt this way that I needed to contact my oncologist to see if he had ideas. So 30 minutes ago I put in a call my my oncologist and popped a pain pill.

Prayer would be appreciated. Not sure what this is, hopefully they can figure it out as well.




  1. Need some prayers today: you got 'em! Thanks for using the blog - often and quickly - to keep us informed on how to be praying for you and Lisa. Scott

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    hey ben,

    you will be a pro like me soon, i have taken a few trips to the ER and ask long as they have a small tv and oxygen in the walls, i am fine, but waiting in that tiny room ain't no fun.

    keep you in my prayers, thank you for all the updates and info.

  3. Anonymous10:26 PM

    May God's peace that passes understanding be with you.


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