Saturday, August 4

Out and About... still!

Good news! I did not crash yesterday! I am not typing and/or dictating this from the hospital! Despite the strange pains I have been having following blood transfusion the other day I am feeling pretty good! I was able to go out with Lisa's family last night to celebrate her sister's graduation, and I plan on going out today to celebrate my mom's birthday.

Medically the doctors and nurses still don't have any idea what is going on in me that caused my heart to go into overdrive or why my back and legs now do the same thing that my heart was doing. Yesterday I expired Tylenol yesterday and they told me to take a different pill this morning. They want me to call back at 10 to see how I am doing.

Thanks to everyone for the support. Please continue to feel free to contact me via email, or phone, or facebook, or however best you communicate. Thanks!



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