Sunday, August 5

Still out

Normally at this time I would be "enjoying" the inside of a hospital. I am currently enjoying the fact that I am not inside a hospital. Last night we had some people over for BBQ, and Lisa and I have been able to enjoy another weekend together outside of the medical facilities. I hope this next week goes just as swimmingly and that I will be able to recover nicely and possibly get over to Taproot later in the week to help out with some computer problems.

This next weekend Lisa and I are planning on going up to the Island again only this time with her family. Her youngest sister will be going back to college for the year the week after and so we thought it would be kind of fun to get some time in with her before she left. I'm looking forward to being able to drive the new car up. Lisa has been driving it mostly because when I am on drugs or what-not I really shouldn't be driving. I'm sure I'll get a chance this next week to drive it some more as well.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Prayer this week that everything goes just fine with the healing process and I don't end up in the hospital again.



  1. Anonymous7:07 PM

    This is great news, Ben! This new chemo seems to treat you a tad more kindly. Enjoy the week moment-by-moment. God is sovereign through it all.
    In His grip, Mare Sullivan

  2. Have a great weekend! That's Orcas right? Will is getting married up there this weekend! I haven't been to orcas since Camp Orkila in my younger years! Congrats on finding the perfect car!


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