Monday, August 6

Road Trip!!

My in-laws are going for a drive tomorrow with Lisa's Grandparent's, and I think Lisa's sister might be coming as well, and they invited me to come along as well. I was feeling well enough this past weekend and today that I don't think driving around to various locations around the sound will tire me out too much so I thought it would be a lot of fun to go.

This evening and tonight Mare Sullivan (Katie Ferguson's mother) came over for a bit and brought a little "taste of Italy". Some olives, prosciutto, mozzarella balls, and some Italian style bread as well. Lisa and I were already planning on having Caesar salads for dinner so it rounded out the Italian experience. Mare has been reading aloud to Lisa and I from a book called Portofino, which claims to be a novel but people have said it has an element of the truth in it. It's been a funny read thus far.

I still haven't heard from my doctor at all about the next chemo treatment or blood draw. Please pray that I continue to heal as time passes, and that the next chemo can be timely. Thank you all for your wonderful support.



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