Wednesday, August 8

The Trip

Yesterday was great. It was REALLY good to get out and about a bit. Lisa's parents, grandparents and sister allowed me to tag along as they went on a bit of a tour of the west side of the Puget Sound. We started in Bellevue, drove to Seattle, took the ferry to Bainbridge Island, then drove up to Poulsbo. We walked around the downtown section of Poulsbo, then back in the car. We admired Port Gamble (Lisa:"Did you know in 1860 there was some debate as to which city would be bigger, Seattle or Port Gamble?") from the car and then drove up to Port Townsend where we had lunch and wandered around the city for a bit. From there we got on the Port Townsend to Keystone ferry and made our way to Whidbe Island. (Back where we will be on Friday) We took some back roads around that area and then made our way to Clinton where we caught another ferry to Mukilteo. Now back on the East side of the sound we drove back to Bellevue.

It was slightly rainy ad overcast so it probably wasn't a bad thing to enjoy the scenery from the car. Either way it a really good time to hang out with Lisa's family and to get out of the condo.

Thursday I've got blood work that needs doing and I can see if I am actually on the mend, or if I just feel that way. I also plan on going into Taproot that day to help with some additional computer/ network/ phone problems. Friday I have a Dr.'s Apt. and then a weekend on the island and then more chemo!

Thanks for ALL your prayers and support. I really don't know how I could do it without everyone being so willing to help. The prayers for this week are that my health continues to increase, and that next week when I get chemo that the side effects might not be as bad this next time. (The Migraines or the Painful blood transfusions)

Thanks you all!


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  1. So good to hear you're doing so well, Ben! Glad you've been able to get out and none of that annoying neutropenic fevor thing this time around! Thank you God for answered prayer! I'm still praying for you down here in between one crazy event and another... ; )


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