Monday, August 13

What to do with myself this week?

In discovering I suddenly have extra time this week I was faced with the "dilemma" of what to do with myself this week. Today I did a bunch of stuff around the house for Lisa while she was at work, and tomorrow I am going to go to work again and see if I can't fix a few more issues that I didn't have time to tackle.

I also removed windows from my laptop and installed Ubuntu linux on it. (best to further my own education) Also in the new arena I also have MSN (64bprophet @t gmail d0t com), Yahoo (bmknight @t yahoo d0t com) and Gmail (64bprophet @t gmail d0t com) messanger up and running so if you want to contact me/ add me as a buddy please feel free to. I am also on facebook should you be there as well and want to network with me.

Anyway, looks like I'll be at work for a bit tomorrow and then running some errands for Lisa later in the week. The new-found freedom is a mixed bag. It feels good but I would also like to get this over with. Thank God that He knows what He's doing and that He has given me a doctor that at least has a good guess.

Thanks for the prayers!



  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Mwa ha ha! All your contact information are belong to ME!

  2. Lisa appreciates having you at home :) However, she would also like to get surgery done sooner...

  3. This mom would just like her son to be cancer-free! (as I know her son and his beloved wife would like too!!!)


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