Tuesday, February 12


Despite saying something to the contrary I spent another day at home doing nothing much other than answering the occasional email and listening to what the bird felt he needed to tell me. (Which amounted to: Step Up, Ok, How was your day, Good bird, Ok, Niko, Ok, "meow", the "charge" whistle, and a couple other things I have forgotten.)

I am taking longer to heal up from this than I thought I would and that has left me a little down. But hopefully spending this time at home will have me working towards recovery. The upside to this is that when I am at home alone all day (Excluding the bird of course) I enjoy the evening time I have with Lisa more. These walls are getting a little small feeling however...

Thanks to everyone for the continued support. Next blood test is Thursday and we'll see how I am doing, biologically, then.



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