Monday, February 11

A bit of a vacation

After spending a couple hours in the ER last night (with some good old fashioned IVs, saline, diloted and adavan) I decided to stay home today as I am still what you might call a touch "sick". It was a fairly good day though, I staid at home, ate a bit more then I did this weekend, watched a movie and napped.

Don't know if I'll be ready for a full day tomorrow of work, but I think I should probably give it a try so I don't spend all week on the couch. Not exactly my idea of a vacation, but I've gotten some rest, that's for sure.

I'd appreciate all of you continuing to keep Lisa and I in your prayers.

Many thanks.



  1. Your father says, "Stay home and get better!" I didn't think about that when we talked last night, but you really should take it easy. Your body is in a compromised state (as if you didn't know...) and will take longer to bounce back. I know you are tried of the couch, but that may be the season the Lord has you in today. Be careful with your body!


  2. Anonymous10:49 AM

    yes i agree, rest, rest, rest, pull out a favorite movie or book or pull out some legos if you still have some. i go back to those things when i am not feeling well, my childhood, lol


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