Tuesday, February 19

No beef with whats for dinner

I got my blood drawn today, but no results have come through as of yet. (The doctors have to "release" the information before I get to look at it.) I am assuming that the news wasn't anything "dire" as they probably would have called me this afternoon and said something like, "GET TO A HOSPITAL!!"

No frantic calls from the 206 area code though, excepting one from Taproot, so I assume I am doing better. (I feel a lot better, however this morning was rocky.) It's been nice to get to work and spend my day other than at home. (Need prayer for continued protection against germs though.)

These days I don't really start to get hungry until about 3pm in the afternoon. I nibble my way through the day and then about 5pm I am very hungry. Thus making dinner a little more enjoyable to help make. Tonight was an interesting mixture of onions, bell peppers, bacon, little smokies, hash browns, green onions and cheddar cheese. Healthy? Probably not. Tasty? You bet. Besides I need calories, try and pull myself up over 140 pounds.

Thanks for all the support. Lisa and I appreciate everything you all have done! Please continue to pray for healing!


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  1. Anonymous1:27 PM

    hi ben,

    that sounds like an, anytime kind of meal, plus you can have so many variations of it, we did when i was a kid, excluding the lil smokies and cheddar cheese, plus we had ours with some fish, but you could variate with some eggs next time.

    continual prayer for you and lisa.


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