Thursday, February 21

Tired and True

So far this week I've put in almost normal work hours! Today I was even able to move a couple of computers around the offices and go running back and fourth to fetch things. I'm happy that I am gaining the strength now to do this, the drawback is that now I am tired. I feel like I could fall asleep right now. Zzzzzz... snort. Sorry. Amazing how the fingers keep going even when the mind shuts down.

Oh, and I wanted to address another issue that has come up several times. Niko is a real bird. He's not stuffed, he eats real food and makes real noise. He only looks fake in pictures because he's not moving. I was going to post a video we took of him being silly, but it was WAY too long and needs to loose about 1/3rd of it's length to prove he is living. Maybe this weekend I'll youtube it and you can spend the weekend watching our bird do silly things.

I also got the blood results back from my blood draw on Tuesday! (Finally) My platelets went up a whole point! From 18 to 19. 1 point in 4 days... hopefully that rate will go up or it'll be summer before my blood is anywhere near "normal" again. Another draw tomorrow morning to see if anything has changed in the past couple of days. (Course I probably won't get those results until next Tuesday or something...)

Thanks for all the support as Lisa and I attempt to get our lives back to something that can be called "normal" and try to find the strength to find a place to serve the Lord!


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  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    So, I guess you are my 2nd cousin or something!? I am Pat's daughter, the "younger" one. I'm sorry to hear of the cancer, that bites. So you have a bird?.. One thing we DON'T have in common. I HATE birds!!! That is one of my biggest fears! But what ever makes you happy and feel good, you should do or have it!! Keep the faith, stay strong and keep your head up!! Oh yeah, I guess, it's nice to "meet" you! Tricia Smith


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