Saturday, February 23

1350 - blogging Renaissance

Well, here it is, the 1,350th post. Brought to you by Ben, with occasional entires by guest writer Lisa. Glad you could all be here for this moment. (Even if the reasons for you being here are rather grim.) 1350... huh... I wonder if that means I start my blogging Renaissance now.

Onto health related news: I got my blood drawn yesterday morning, and I wasn't expecting to hear back from them until Monday, probably Tuesday, about it. I had my blood drawn at lets say 8:20am, I then drove Lisa to work and dropped her off. It's now 8:40am. I then drove to work at Taproot and checked my email. It was now 9:00am. What do you suppose was sitting in my inbox? A notice that I had gotten my blood results back. Which means as soon as I left the clinic they had to run the blood results down to the lab in the hospital, run the tests (as soon as they got there) and then the doctor had to look at the results, and release the results to me, all in 40 minutes. I've never seen them work that fast in the past year I've spent in and out of the hospital. They MUST have been bored and known I wasn't waiting for them.

Platelets crept up a couple more points, I'm in the low 20's now, and is typically the case my white blood count crept down as the platelets went up. (The whites came down and the platelets came up, the whites came down as the platelets came up... (To the tune of "Wise Man Built His House upon a Rock"))

Today looks to be sunny and bright with not much planned. "Weekends" mean a lot more to me when I actually work during the week. It's kind of nice. Please pray dear friends that my health continues to improve and I won't be laid low by some virus or bug that has it out for the human race.

Thanks again for all the support!



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