Sunday, March 30

For your viewing pleasure

I have compiled a video for your viewing pleasure. A video of "Road Trip" like proportions. I'm not uploading it to the video sites like YouTube or Google Video or Facebook because it is 15 minutes long AND I am not overly keen on people who don't hit up this site being able to view the video. (Also I am too lazy to embed it in a flash player on this site so YOU will have to go through the trouble of right clicking on the video link and saying "save as" and then watching the video.)

I had hopes that this would be longer and involve more pictures of me at the end, but alas, not all vacations are as they are planned.

Video can be seen by right clicking here and saving the video file to your hard drive. It's about 18 megs, and takes about 15 minutes to run through. Enjoy.

Thanks again for the continued support. The shingles are starting to dwindle down to nothing more than little scar looking things. Hopefully we can see what a little work can do this week.



  1. It played without me having to save it--am I special?

  2. Anonymous3:39 PM

    No, Windows should run it just fine if you click on the link, however some people's computer's aren't going to do that, so the safer option is simply to right click and save it.

    Music from the video:
    1. Switchfoot "You Already Take Me There"
    2. All Star United "Theme from Summer"
    3. The Normals "Running from the Sun"
    4. Audio Adrenaline "Mighty Good Leader"
    5. Hungry "Refuge in You"


  3. Google Video has a private option so that people can only see it if they have the link... aka, no searching for it.

    I uploaded a video of my kids saying "hi mom" when she was away on business, it worked great.

  4. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Very nice! It was so great to see you guys. Love, The PAs


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