Monday, March 31


I had ever intention last night when I went to bed of getting up this morning and going to work. (I had a sneaking suspicion that Taproot had need of me) This morning, however, proved to be harder than I thought it would be. I woke UP feeling fatigued. Tell me that's not supposed to happen. I knew when Lisa's alarm went off and I had this kind of tied feeling in my chest that this morning was NOT a morning in which I was going to make it to work.

I've effectively been worn out all day. This does not mean though that this hasn't been a productive day. I was able to sort through all the email I had accumulated from being gone for 2 weeks at TTC, fixed some phone issues there, and seriously considered what else needed doing at the 'root.

Tomorrow will be car-less for me, but I have every intention, again, of attempting to go into work. Hopefully I can grab the up-swing of feeling good and start feeling stronger again and do some of those jobs that I enjoy so much.

Nancy, my mother-in-law, made an interesting comment last night that I hadn't really thought about before. She asked if I felt like I have been recovering from a hard flu. Well, the answer is yes, I do feel like that, however if got me to thinking. It's effectively almost the same thing. My body is fighting of a virus, weather that is the chicken-pox virus or any other kind of virus my body has allocated resources to beat the bad bugs back. No wonder I've been feeling tired. Just because I haven't felt SICK doesn't mean my body hasn't been fighting. I have a little better grasp now if why I felt so horrible.

The shingles themselves now are starting to look on the old side. I thought they looked nasty at the peak of the pain. Nope. Anyway, that was probably approaching TMI for a lot of you. (Maybe even myself honestly)

I spent a good part of today reading up on various programming things. First it was Javascript, then I had an interest in PHP, but realized that I needed a bit more programming chops before I tackled that, so I dusted off a book on Perl I have and started reading that. Maybe this time instead of saying I am going to learn to program and then finding anything BUT that to do, I will actually learn something and further my career and actually be able to start some of the projects I have in mind to get started.

Thank you all for the continued prayers for healing. My appointment with the doctor is coming up and I am not overly excited about it. Thank you all!



  1. I'd recommend you learn Python, rather than Perl, as your first language. I've never looked at Python but I hear (from reliable sources) that it's a nice language for beginners. I would recommend Perl not be your first language because it has so many syntactic shortcuts that getting good programming habits could be difficult.

    No doubt other people have their own opinions, but those are my two cents.

  2. Anonymous8:01 AM

    I can act as one of Ian's reliable sources: learn Python first. They both are good for particular tasks (Perl's a monster at text processing), but Python gets you into a bunch of good habits early.

    Of course, Arc is also out...

  3. Is the picture of blood cells, in general, or platelets or ? Just curious what I'm looking at.

    I concur with your thoughts on recovering from a virus--it does take a ton out of one's body. Being that your body has less than an ounce to give, you really need to lay low and let yourself heal. No need to push. Rest.

  4. Anonymous9:57 AM

    The picture there, as seen when clicked upon, is a close up of the Chicken Pox virus.

    Science moment there.

    I'll have to look into Python. (Funny, the 3D program I used to use (TrueSpace) had a Python backend on it that I looked at a time or two.


  5. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I was told Python would be a good first language too. But I struggle with english.

    Dad/Pappa P

  6. Go old school; learn C!

    (In case that's ambiguous, there's no such language as "C!" [yet]. I just got excited when I suggested you learn "C".)

  7. I wonder if Herpes Zoster (Shingles) looks any different?

    Oooo...a question for Ryan, Mr. Science guy--how come the chicken pox virus and the shingles virus are two different things? Ryan knows everything. Surely he'll know this! :)


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