Monday, March 17

Fresh lemonade!

Lisa and I spent the first half of the day with her Grandparents and in the late morning we toured their gardens. They have a lemon... bush (I'm sure it would be a tree if it was allowed to become one) and we thought it would be pretty cool to make fresh lemonade. (We picked up almost a 5 gallon bucket's worth of acorns off their front lawn before making lemonade.)

Later in the day we treked (after more than a couple wrong turns) out to see Lisa's aunt and uncle at their "farm". (They live on the "Morrell Cutoff" so we thought that was kind of cool.) THey have a bunch of land, and goats to keep the land free of thistles and what-not. The house was built shortly after the turn of the century and the original family moved in the day before the big San Francisco earthquake. (THe quake moved the house off its foundation and they had to pull the house back into place with a team of horses!)

We went out to dinner with her aunt and uncle as well and then had a relaxed evening with the grandparents.



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