Tuesday, March 18

THIS is not a real bird.

In case some of you didn't know the pictures I am posting all come from my phone. This is actually the first time I have gotten to be on a computer in the past couple of days. Posting a picture lets me keep you all informed of what is going on and reminds me to write more about it later. (That being said please go back and see previous posts for filled out explainations.)

Today Lisa and I are at the PA's house, which is in San Jose. Their daughter has a puppet peacock so I thought it might be funny to post a picture of a fake bird being as there was some debate as to weather Niko was alive or not. Thought I would provide a bit of contrast there.

Speaking of Niko we went with the PA family to a little Zoo place this afternoon and walked around and in their "bird" section they had a male and female Eclectus. THe girl was quite the looker so we took some pictures of her for Niko... I hope she's not married to the other bird. Maybe we should have asked. (The other bird looked better than Niko, (better beak and feathers) but we also saw him jumping around (something Niko wouldn't even DREAM of doing) so my guess is he probably gets a little more exercise than Niko.)

We'll be heading down to LA tomorrow to start our week long stay down there. I'll continue to post phone pictures (also why the quality is so poor) and then fill in details when I get a chance at a computer. When we get back you'll be able to see the high quality pictures we took (and see more of them).

Thanks for the prayers, Lisa and I have both been feeling pretty good. It's been great to see friends and family. I have been feeling pretty tired at the end of the day however as this is a LOT more activity than I am used to typically. We would covet your prayers for good health as we continue on pur trip as well.



  1. No way!

    Hey, just a suggestion. Could you do a couple of lines saying whose home you're in, etc. Maybe a picture of you guys and those folks?

  2. it WISHES it were a real bird...

  3. Somewhere I can hear your dear brother saying, "Well, if you had an iphone...."


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