Friday, April 4

The sky is falling

I staid at home today to get some needed rest and relaxation. Let the body take some time and do some healing.

Lisa had the crock pot going all day as well so I have been "prepping" for dinner for about as long as that chicken has been cooking. (It was wonderful FYI)

Not much happened today except for me sitting around resting... and relaxing. There was an "incident" however: I was sitting in the living room when suddenly I head this "pop" come from the kitchen and then the sound of shattering glass. Somehow the glass around the light bulb (the bowl part) had decided it had had enough being stuck to the ceiling and decided to plummet to earth. (Gravity is a harsh mistress) Where it landed on the wooden floor and shattered into tens of pieces. More than a little shocked I sat there and stared at the bird, who stared back at me, for about a minute. Why had that happened? I wondered to myself, and could I expect anything else to suddenly collapse randomly? My faith that things would stay fixed to the ceiling and/or walls had suddenly fled and I eyed the metal candle holder above my head dubiously, wondering if the ceiling revolution had begun.

After a few minutes of inactivity from other items secured to the walls and ceiling I decided it was safe to clean it up. I am still a little "gun shy" this evening though and find myself contemplating the ceilings and walls a little closer, wondering if they are plotting against me. Was the kitchen light trying to tell me something? Did he let on too much and the rest of them killed him? Or was he overly zealous for the revolution and has tipped me off? I may never know...



  1. I had a good laugh with that one. Thanks for writing it. I love creative blog entries and I fear I will never write one.

  2. Anonymous9:17 AM

    To Whom it may concern:

    I cannot take this life any longer. No one notices me. They don't know that I am here. I lighten their day, do they notice? NO. I am going to end it all. Maybe then I will get noticed.

    Good bye cruel world.

    Kit Chen Light

  3. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Hmmm, that would explain what that small tightly rolled piece of paper was amidst all the broken glass.

    Fair well Kit Chen, you will be missed...

    Until tomorrow when we go to Lowes and buy a NEW LIGHT!! Woooooo.


  4. Anonymous11:51 AM

    May he rest in pieces.


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