Sunday, May 11

First BBQ of the year!

Yes, the first BBQ of the year, and unlike the past years instead of just doing "enough" food for the two of us and letting the coals go to waste we did up some food for the rest of the week. A little bit of extra work, and we get BBQ a couple more times this week. (How very Martha Stewarty of us...)

Yesterday my sister and I went to the Emerald City Comic Convention to see our favorite comic artist Dave Kellett. (Artist of Sheldon) I was surprised, after a few emails and seeing him last year he remembered me. Pretty cool. I think Beth and I both got an interesting education into the more "nerdy" sub-culture by going to this event. Some people need NO excuse to get into a costume.

Following the ComicCon my siblings (and our significant others) treated my parents to a Phil Keaggy concert. It was a great concert and the 4th time I have seen him live. The other few times it's just been him and his guitar(s). This time he was backed by a band and so he did the song that I have been waiting to him him do live EVERY time I have gone to see him. "Time". (Excuse the poor quality, it's the only recent copy I could find... but here is a version from 28 years ago.) This song is a favorite (and this one (Love Broke Through)) because when I was young growing up and my mom was out running errands or gone for a weekend retreat my father would clean up the house. When he got to vacuuming he would put on the Phil Keaggy record "What a Day" and turn it up real loud. Of course with the wonderful Hi-fi system and great speakers from the 70's it was loud, and it sounded GREAT. I have since then been unable to really match the sound of that system with any CD and simple modern sound system I have tried it on. Anyway, a lot of good memories, and my brother and I both get a strange urge to vacuum each time we hear those songs...

After church this morning (Happy Mother's Day! (Mom and Mom 2.0!)) Lisa and I went out to "brunch" (can you really call it that if it's after 1pm?) with her folks and sister. We had a good time talking and chatting around the table. Nathan, Katie's boyfriend, is the great "Mac Activist" and was quite excited to hear the news I had purchased a Mac and was excitedly filling me in on tips and tricks of the Mac OS. I am also a supreme geek and realizing I have YEARS of catchup work to do on this OS I soaked up every word.

Following our time with them we came home to BBQ. It really was a busy weekend (combined with a baseball game on Friday) and I have been realizing recently that my strength has been gaining more quickly than it had been before. I was wondering after a year of harsh chemo treatments, surgery and radiation, if my body was just expecting to get hit with something else. Anyway, thank you all for your prayers for my continued healing. Please continue your prayers!

Thank you!



  1. I'd just like to say how shocked and surprised I was at the news of your new surfboard. The world is changing...

  2. Yum! Looks good!!

    Thanks again for the concert time. It was fun and I'm glad you guys put up with music from someone over 40 (50...maybe even 60!). Man, he is good!


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